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The State Of Consumers And Technology: Benchmark 2008, Canada – A Digital Home Report

A Generational Analysis Of Canadian Consumers

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    This is a graphical analysis of the Canadian consumer market using Forrester's North American Technographics® Benchmark Survey, 2008. It forecasts device and service adoption, and it provides an overview of Canadian consumers' demographics, behaviors, and technology attitudes based on a mail survey of 6,325 Canadian respondents.
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    • Every Generation Has A Unique Technology Profile
      • The Five-Year Forecast: Household Devices, Access
      • The Five-Year Forecast: Personal Devices
      • Every Generation Has A Unique Technology Profile
      • Devices: Gen Xers Win; They Have The Most Toys
      • Media: Welcome To Gen Y's Multichannel World
      • Online Activities: Gen Y Spends The Most Time Online
      • Mobile: Saturation Looms, Especially For Gen X
      • Marketing: Gen Y Relies On Google
      • Gaming: It's Not Just For Gen Y
      • The PC Market: Gen Y — The Laptop Generation
      • Broadband: High-Speed Is Now The Default For Gen Y
      • Telecom: Gen Y Votes With Its Wallet For Mobile
      • Home Networks: Gens Y And X Build Digital Homes
      • Home Workers: Gen X Leads In Telecommuting
      • Television: Gen X Is First With DVRs And HDTV
      • Financial Services: Gen X Banks Online
      • Retail: Gen X Is More Than A Third Of Shoppers
      • Travel: Gen X Books Online
    • Using The Data: 5,401 Households, 6,325 Adults, And 473 Brands
    • Supplemental Material