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The Steadily Growing Database Market Is Increasing Enterprises' Choices

An Overview Of The Enterprise Database Management System Market In 2013

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    Business demand for more applications, larger databases, and new analytics initiatives is driving innovation and growth in the database market, with new options for cloud, in-memory, mobility, predictive analytics, and real-time data management. Application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals have more database choices than ever, from relational to NoSQL and other specialized databases, enabling ever more sophisticated applications. Business requirements for more speed, agility, and business insight are driving AD&D pros to innovate with new database technology. Although IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and Teradata control about 80% of the market, other large vendors and startups, including 10gen, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Basho Technologies, Couchbase, Clustrix, DataStax, EnterpriseDB, MarkLogic, MemSQL, Neo Technology,, SAP, and VoltDB, are threatening established database providers by offering new approaches and innovative solutions. This market overview enumerates and analyzes these database choices to inform your database technology strategy.
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    • Database Demand Is Growing To Support New Business Requirements
    • The Database Market Is Expanding Beyond RDBMS And DW
    • Vendor Landscape: Database Management Systems

      Invest In New Database Technologies To Succeed

      Look Beyond Traditional Database Solutions And Architectures
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