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The Time Is Right For ALM 2.0+

Customer Needs, New Vendor Strategies, And Agile Approaches Drive ALM To The Next Level

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    For the past 10 years, companies have used the term application life-cycle management (ALM) to describe their collection of software development tools and strategies. However, as the value and importance of software delivery increases, the importance of applying business management to the discipline of software also grows. ALM 2.0+ describes changes to traditional ALM in terms of breadth and depth. ALM 2.0+ tools and strategies incorporate IT project management strategies and expand integration with operations. They accept tool and platform heterogeneity, imposing a boundary above practitioner tools and encouraging ALM to interact with those tools in the context of work and harvest information for traceability, reporting, and management. Finally, additional functions associated with measurement and analytics equip application development professionals with tools to better understand applications' cost, value, and status. ALM is not dead — it has become ALM 2.0+.
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    • ALM 2.0 Never Became Reality
    • The Time Is Ripe For ALM 2.0+
    • ALM 2.0+ Meets Both Team And Application Life-Cycle Needs

      It's Time To Develop Your ALM 2.0+ Strategy
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