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The Top 10 Business Technology Trends EA Should Watch: 2012 To 2014

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    Driving increasing capacity for business innovation remains high on the CIO's agenda, but enterprise architects (EAs) struggle to keep up with the rapidly changing technology landscape while also juggling current state complexity. To help EAs better frame their business and IT engagement strategy, we have divided this year's top technology trends research into two reports: one highlighting technologies with direct business impact and the other focusing on IT impact. This report defines 10 technology trends with the largest business impact or the most need for business accountability. Understanding these trends and the broad themes that influence them will enable you to engage more effectively with your business and to help your firm move to the next level.
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    • EAs Must Develop A Business Technology Perspective
    • Where Survey Respondents Expect The Most Business Value From 2012 To 2014
    • Forrester's Top 10 Business Technology Trends For EA To Watch

      Technologies Won't Stay In Silos; EAs Must Fit Them All Together
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