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The Transformation Of Sourcing Depends On Its Ability To Empower Employees

An Empowered Report: Sourcing Can Do More To Adapt To Changes In Business Technology

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    A major shift in the technology marketplace is moving technology purchasing power away from centralized IT departments and into the hands of individual employees. This shift, which is driven by rapid innovation in the consumer technologies, has changed the way that individuals use and consume technology in their personal and professional lives. In Forrester's new book, Empowered, analysts Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler explore the potential of this trend: Proactive business leaders are harnessing the power of consumer technologies as a way to enhance customer intimacy, improve levels of internal collaboration, and foster innovation. Achieving these benefits, however, requires business leaders to make very difficult decisions about the risks and benefits of consumer technology in the workplace — decisions that affect the role and responsibilities of sourcing and vendor management (SVM) professionals. SVM professionals who want to play a more proactive role in their companies will need to find creative new ways to enable these technologies — and expand their mindset from "protecting the business" to include "empowering the workforce."
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    • Consumers' Needs Are Now The Primary Drivers Of Technology Innovation
    • Four Groundswell Technologies Will Play A Greater Role In Business
    • SVM Executives Often Dismiss Their Role In Helping The Empowered Worker
    • The Evolution Of SVM Depends On Enabling Technology HEROes

      To Help HEROes, Start By Understanding Their Technology Needs
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