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The Truth About Business Rules Algorithms

Authoring Flexibility Is Just As Important As Execution Performance

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    The algorithm you select to process your business rules can make a big difference in the authoring flexibility and execution performance of your application. Confusing vendor messaging, the indirect relationship between authoring tools and runtime algorithms, and innovation in rules-processing algorithms often make it difficult for developers and architects to understand the impact of algorithms. After evaluating 13 business rules platforms, Forrester concluded that vendors offer three distinct business rules algorithms: inferencing, sequential, and extended sequential. There is no clear best overall choice for all rules application projects, but understanding the differences between these business rules algorithms will help you select the best algorithm for your project.
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    • Algorithms Influence Authoring Flexibility And Execution Performance
    • Inferencing, Sequential, And Extended Sequential Are Your Choices

      Let Authoring Flexibility Drive Your Algorithm Decision

      More Algorithms Will Be Offered In The Future
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