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The "Venn" Of Federated Identity

Portable Identity Gives New Options To Companies, Consumers, And Clouds

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    Fast-moving cloud and consumer identity trends are driving shifts in how IT professionals control user access and provide personalized service to networked applications. As IT professionals move to take advantage of new, lightweight ways to improve security, efficiency, and business agility through federated identity techniques, these changes will ripple out to more traditional B2B scenarios. Several standards enable federated identity. The SAML standard is still the king of the hill for most business scenarios, but newer options OAuth and OpenID are playing important roles as well. For IT and security professionals trying to make sense of the alphabet soup of federated identity standards, this report describes current business scenarios that benefit from federated identity and maps these scenarios to protocol and partnering sweet spots.
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    • Using Synchronization To Bridge Enterprise Identity Silos Exacts A Price
    • Cloud Services Are Pressing The Case For Identity Statelessness
    • Three Key Standards Emerge In Today's Federated Identity Scenarios
    • To Reach Venn-Like Harmony, Use A Best-Of-Breed Approach With Protocols

      For Cloud Agility, Federated Identity Is A Must-Have
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