Thomas Husson

Vice President, Principal Analyst serving Marketing Leadership PROFESSIONALS

Thomas is a vice president and principal analyst serving Marketing Leadership Professionals. Thomas's research focuses on the integration of mobile into marketing and digital strategies; the disruptive role of mobile in bridging the digital and physical worlds; the convergence of mobile and social; and the impact of mobile devices and technologies, including wearables and connected objects, on people's attitudes and behaviors. His coverage includes mobile marketing and advertising, mobile Internet and applications, and mobile commerce and payments.

Thomas has spoken at numerous events around the world, including Mobile World Congress, Mobile Convention Amsterdam, and DMEXCO, and he regularly offers comment to leading media outlets such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Les Echos, and Le Monde.

He has worked with clients from nearly every industry — including consumer goods, luxury, travel, retail, and financial services — to advise and guide the development of their mobile and digital strategies.

Previous Work Experience

Thomas has more than 15 years of experience in the mobile and digital industries. Prior to joining Forrester in August 2008, Thomas spent four years at JupiterResearch as a senior mobile analyst, and six years at Bouygues Telecom (the third-largest French operator), first as Internet product manager and then as mobile multimedia marketing manager. Thomas also brings experience from the financial services sector, working in Milan for a year and a half. Thomas has served as a judge for the Global Mobile Awards at Mobile World Congress since 2008.


Thomas holds degrees in international marketing/strategy and finance from EM Lyon (Lyon School of Management) and Science Po Paris (Institute of Political Science).

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    Blog:The New Frontier By Orange -- Conquests 2015

    Orange announced today its new industrial project, "conquests 2015." After NExT from Didier Lombard, the recently appointed CEO is now communicating Orange's five-year action plan. One of...

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      Blog:The iPad Mini Buzz And The Smartphone/Tablet Divide

        Since the beginning of the year (with a peak in July, thanks to this Bloomberg article), there have been rumors that Apple would launch an iPad mini with a 7.85-inch display. Speculation is...

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        Blog:Another Year In Review — Revisiting 2012 Mobile Trends

        Every year for the past few years, I've been revisiting our mobile trends predictions. So let’s do it again for the 2012 Mobile Trends post I put together a year ago with my colleague Julie...

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          Blog:Invest In Analytics To Meet Your Mobile Objectives

          A year ago, I blogged about the fact that the app economy was blurring the lines and opening up new opportunities, with a lot of new entrants in the mobile space, be it with mobile CRM and analytics,...

          • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

            Blog:Profiling Your Best Mobile Customers

            Nine months ago, I wondered if there was a life beyond the iPhone and beyond mobile applications. Recent data gathered by Forrester makes me think that such a life exists! Bear with me one second....

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              Blog:What To Learn From The Japanese Mobile-Centric Market

              Japanese consumers are among the most mobile-savvy in the world: They were shopping, banking, and gaming on mobile phones long before consumers in other nations. The Japanese mobile ecosystem used to...

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                Blog:Messaging Apps Are Thriving In The Age of The Customer

                By now, you've surely heard of the second-largest acquisition in tech history, with Facebook acquiring WhatsApp for $19 billion. However, you may be less familiar with other messaging apps like...

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                  Blog:The Future Of Application Stores

                  Apple reinvented the distribution of products and services on mobile phones, opening up direct-to-consumer opportunities for nontelecom companies. The numbers look impressive — more than 5...

                  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

                    Blog:The Future Of Mobile Is User Context

                    I have had the opportunity to contribute to a brand-new piece of research led by my colleague Julie A. Ask, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester. We both believe mobile has the potential...

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                      Blog:Mobile Is Bridging The Digital And Physical Worlds: It Is Time To Invent New Product And Services

                      Google’s product strategists just announced the launch of Google Wallet — an NFC-based mobile payment solution. As my colleague Charlie Golvin pointed out, this is another early salvo in...

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                        Blog:LeWeb: The Next 10 Years

                        What do all of these players have in common? Most of them are US startups initially backed by venture capital (VC). Some of them are now worth more than $1 billion; others are planning for an IPO;...

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                          Blog:Global Mobile Awards 2009: and the winner is...

                          [Posted by Thomas Husson] UnfortunateIy winners' names will only be announced at the Mobile World Congress Gala Dinner Awards night on Tuesday 17th February 2009, at the National Palace in...

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                            Blog:Mobile contactless payments in Europe: reality beyond the NFC hype

                            Hardly a week goes by without a press article or conference reporting how ubiquitous mobile payment services and their adoption are in Japan. Forrester decided to put some figures on the so-called...

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                              Blog:The Global Mainstreaming Of Smartphones

                              Thanks to the phenomenal popularity of Apple’s iPhone and Android’s growing traction — more than 550,000 Android devices are activated each day — many product strategists tend...

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                                Blog:2010 mobile trends

                                Having reviewed the 2009 trends, it’s now time to make some predictions for 2010! I’m not going to say that 2010 will be “the year of mobile” or “the year of mobile...

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                                  Blog:Five Myths About Mobile Apps

                                  Time spent on mobile is skyrocketing. Since about 80% of that time is spent on apps, many marketing leaders have quickly jumped to the conclusion that the only way to reach and engage their customers...

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                                    Blog:Orange France loses iPhone exclusivity

                                    The French Competition Council - the Conseil de la concurrence - ordered yesterday that Orange's iPhone exclusivity be immediately suspended, with the result that any French carrier (SFR and Orange)...

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                                      Blog:Telecom Trends: Life For European Carriers Will Not Get Any Easier In 2013

                                      At the beginning of this year, I took the time to sit down with my colleague Dan Bieler, principal analyst on Forrester's Business Technology Futures team and a specialist in the telecom space,...

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                                        Blog:Nokia's Transformation Journey

                                        I am attending Nokia World in London. For those of you not familiar with this event, that’s usually the conference where Nokia shares its vision and strategy, announces new products and...

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                                          Blog:With iOS 8, Apple Increases The Value Of Its Ecosystem But Only Marginally Improves App Marketing

                                          My colleague Ted Schadler explained here how Apple's iOS 8 focuses on developers building new mobile moments. Once again, Apple increases the value of its ecosystem and will create more...

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                                            Blog:Best Practices: How To Implement A Mobile Product And Service Road Map

                                            Too many firms are investing in mobile technologies without a road map. Most companies are investing in a wide range of mobile technologies, but only 40% of companies that Forrester interviewed have...

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                                              Blog:Help Us Benchmark "Mobile Maturity" — Take Part In Our Survey And Get A Free Executive Summary

                                              Like my colleagues who serve Interactive Marketing professionals and are working on a study to benchmark social media maturity in organizations, we’re also conducting a new research project to...

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                                                Blog:Analytics - The Key To Measure Your Mobile Performance And Unlock The App Economy

                                                The app economy is blurring the lines and opening up new opportunities, with a lot of new entrants in the mobile space, be it with mobile CRM and analytics, store analytics, dedicated gaming...

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                                                  Blog:HERE Plans To Acquire Predictive Analytics Vendor Medio To Better Serve Customers In Their Mobile Moments

                                                  Today, Nokia’s HERE just announced it plans to acquire Medio Systems, a Seattle-based company that is a pioneer in the emerging field of real-time predictive analytics. I met Medio founder and...

                                                  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

                                                    Blog:Prepare For The Second Wave Of Apps

                                                      In July 2012, app stores — first popularized by Apple — will be four years old. There is still a lot of room to improve the discoverability and sharing of apps. For example,...