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Three Rules For Averting Costly Coupon Fraud And Coupon Abuse

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    In just days or even hours consumers can cost brand manufacturers and retailers millions of dollars and much heartache by wittingly, or unwittingly, distributing large numbers of fake coupons. Media has enhanced this capability by way of TV shows such as TLC's Extreme Couponing, via coupon enthusiast blogs and websites, and through social media dedicated to sharing couponing tips in real time. While the vast majority of coupon fraud and abuse still takes place with newspaper-delivered print coupons, as retailers move more coupons into the digital space, old forms of fraud and abuse are finding a new home and new forms of fraud and abuse are emerging. Troubling cases can arise quickly from obscurity, impose acute financial and public relations pain, and make a company vulnerable — all in a very short period of time. eBusiness professionals need to follow three straightforward rules to contain the larger problem and avert specific coupon fraud and abuse.
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    • Defining Coupon Fraud And Abuse
    • Extreme Couponing Drives Changes To Coupon Redemption Policies
    • Three Rules To Avert Costly Coupon Fraud And Abuse
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