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Three Ways To Find, Create, And Energize Advocates – A Social Computing Report

Promote, Find, And Attract The Mass Influencers Who Matter

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    Fans and followers are helpful for brands, but the people who bring the greatest value in social media are not just fans but advocates — people who can and will support, engage, and share information from and about the brand. But not all advocates are created equal. The best advocates are Mass Influencers who create the majority of influence impressions and posts for a brand or within a category. There are three ways to turn Mass Influencers into advocates — find them, promote them, and attract them to your brand.
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    • Mass Influencers Make The Best Advocates
    • Three Ways To Capture Mass Influencers In Your Advocacy Program
    • Promoting Advocates: Disney Promotes Moms Into Mass-Influencing Advocates
    • Finding Advocates: Starbucks And Kraft Target Those With Coffee Klout
    • Attracting Advocates: General Mills Creates an Army
    • Best Practices: Focus, Commitment, And Relevancy Are Key

      Advocacy Programs Require Creativity, Planning, Caution, And Commitment
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    • Models & Calculators:

      Mass Influencers' Influence Is Not Just Online But Offline As Well

    • Models & Calculators:

      Mass Influencers Are More Likely To Fan A Company Or Brand And To Share Links

    • Models & Calculators:

      Mass Influencers Have More Trust in Company And Brand Communications