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IEEE Steps In With A Benchmark For Mobility Infrastructure Experts

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    As mobility increases in complexity, multiplying the hardware, software, and services an organization regularly invests in and must support, the mobile operations role — a subrole within IT operations — will emerge as a central point of expertise and control over the many parts of organizational mobility. Because it is a new function within IT, however, many organizations are struggling to build skills around this role, or they source external help to provide a broad base of experience to adequately do the job. Standards body IEEE — formerly known as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. — has taken a step that will assist IT operations decision-makers, with its Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies Certification Program (WCET). While it's not a silver bullet encompassing all of the necessary elements of mobile operations, WCET provides a core skill set and certification that should serve as a template for the development or recruitment of mobile operations professionals. As WCET-certified professionals begin to enter the workforce, they'll stand apart from other IT candidates and prove an excellent fit for mobile ops.
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