Distance transportation (airlines, trains, etc.), hotel accommodations, ground transportation, logistics, attractions, and all other activities related to travel, whether for personal or business purposes. A maturing Web travel market and challenging business and economic environments mean that the travel industry must adopt new technology perspectives and strategies for distribution, marketing, customer service, and procurement. Forrester's Travel research helps executives within the industry to clarify complex technology choices, understand how consumers use technology to gather information, make smart decisions and purchases, and participate in the post-sale relationship.

Latest Research

  • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

    REPORT: Consumers Want Convenience, Not Conversations

    Conversational Interfaces Struggle To Deliver Contextual Convenience

    July 2, 2018 Julie A. Ask, Andrew Hogan, Ian Jacobs

    Consumers want convenience and choice — not conversational interfaces. However, fear of being left behind still impels digital business leaders to build them. And even more than half of those that haven't already deployed conversational interfaces are piloting conversations with humans and bots or planning to do so. Digital business leaders should only build conversational interfaces where they offer more convenience than existing means of interacting with customers.

  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    REPORT: The US Customer Experience Index, 2018

    How Brands Build Loyalty With The Quality Of Their Experience

    June 19, 2018 Rick Parrish

    How well do leading brands build loyalty with the quality of their customer experience (CX)? This year, we reveal the complete rankings of all 287 brands across 19 industries in the US Customer Experience Index (CX Index). We also unveil surprising trends in CX quality and the role that emotion plays in CX. Customer experience professionals can use this report to inform their ongoing improvement efforts.

  • For CIO Professionals

    REPORT: IoT Transforms A 200-Year-Old Industry

    Lessons From The Railway Industry

    January 31, 2018 Paul Miller

    Around the world, trains continue to grow in popularity. They're relatively green and relatively affordable. As passenger and freight numbers continue to rise, train operators must make more efficient use of the physical assets available to them. The internet of things (IoT) creates opportunities for better asset tracking, more predictive maintenance, and a more intelligent approach to managing the network. Combined with innovations in digital customer experience, train operators can begin to transform engagement with the whole journey.

  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    REPORT: Case Study: Airports Authority Of India Achieves Continuous Operations Despite Natural Calamity

    The Comprehensive Planning, Recovery Automation, And Frequent Testing Of AAI And NIIT Technologies Delivers Results

    January 26, 2018 Naveen Chhabra

    Infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals get the importance of developing a comprehensive disaster recovery (DR) plan, testing it frequently, and automating it as much as possible. But firms in all countries and industries still suffer from lack of automation, limited scenario coverage, and infrequent recovery plan testing. How, then, can I&O pros meet the expectation of maintaining business continuity during a disaster? This report highlights the benefits that the Airports Authority of India achieved by diligent automation and frequent testing of recovery planning and execution.

  • For CIO Professionals

    REPORT: Continuous Value Delivery Is The Foundation Of Success In A Customer-Obsessed World

    Getting Closer To The Customer Will Fundamentally Change The Tech Team As We Know It

    January 23, 2018Tim Sheedy

    CIOs globally are looking for ways in which they can deliver value to their digitally savvy customers, partners, and employees. Many are focusing on the continuous value delivery model. This is a model used by many software businesses and other technology leaders where most, if not all, of the tech team sits in product or customer teams. Co-locating the tech team is only half of the solution. CIOs need to rethink the entire operating model to deliver value to customers easier, faster, and more effectively.

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