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Travelers Are Cashing In On Loyalty Programs

How US Online Travelers Redeem Travel Loyalty Points And Rewards

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    Travel loyalty programs may be old news, but that old news pays the bills and generates revenue in the billions of dollars every year for travel companies. Forrester data shows that half — 52% — of all US online travelers actively use travel loyalty programs, and business travelers are 25% more likely to belong to travel loyalty programs than leisure travelers are. And when it comes to finally cashing in those precious loyalty points and miles, leisure air travel is where they go: Thirty-one percent of online business travelers and 28% of online leisure travelers use their travel rewards to book flights for leisure travel. US online business travelers who are active in travel loyalty programs are more likely to use online channels for trip planning and are more likely to own a smartphone. To keep loyalty programs relevant and profitable, travel eBusiness professionals should focus on the three main pillars of eBusiness: merchandising, engagement, and value.
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