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Trends 2010: eCommerce Platform And Technology

eCommerce Technology And Business Tools Continue To Advance — And eBusiness Leaders Must Prepare To Use Them Effectively

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    eCommerce technology continues to evolve, prompted by increasingly complex market demands. In 2010, many of those demands will center around the following three trends: 1) Increased desire to leverage customer context will drive the need for robust content management (CM) solutions with advanced targeting and site optimization capability; 2) customers will continue to seek the convenience of multichannel, and savvy eBusiness leaders will look to their eCommerce technology providers to minimize the complexity of serving customers via many touchpoints; and 3) business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce will emerge as a growing and critical component of the overall sales landscape. eBusiness leaders will turn to their eCommerce solution providers to help them maximize these opportunities and drive their customer experience and businesses forward.
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