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Trends 2011 And Beyond: Business Intelligence

Agility Will Shape Business Intelligence For The Next Decade

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    Forrester continues to see ever-increasing levels of interest in and adoption of business intelligence (BI) platforms, applications, and processes. But while BI maturity in enterprises continues to grow, and BI tools have become more function-rich and robust, the promise of efficient and effective BI solutions remains challenging at best and elusive at worst. Why? Two main reasons: First, BI is all about best practices and lessons learned, which only come with years of experience; second, earlier-generation BI approaches cannot easily keep up with ever-changing business and regulatory requirements. In this research document, Forrester reviews the top best practices for BI and predicts what the next-generation BI technologies will be. We summarize all of this in a single über-trend and best practice: agility. BP pros should adopt Agile BI processes, technologies, and architectures to improve their chances of delivering successful BI initiatives.
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    • Lack Of Agility And Flexibility Can Lead To Unsuccessful BI Initiatives
    • Agility Is The Key To Efficient And Effective Business Processes
    • Agile Business Intelligence Comes To The Rescue

      Next-Gen BI Is Here Today — Embrace It

      By 2020, BI Will Be So Different As To Be Unrecognizable
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