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Trends 2012: European Insurance eBusiness And Channel Strategy

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    Despite the fact that we are in the midst of a European crisis that could influence the insurance business dramatically, eBusiness and channel strategy executives in this region should be sensitive to the other industry and consumer trends that are out there. This report shows the impact of these trends on the insurance business. For example, the rapid adoption of new technologies, like smartphones and tablets, is changing customer behavior and forcing insurance companies to transform their distribution channels into multi-touchpoint customer experiences supported by agile commerce platforms. eBusiness and channel strategy executives are running out of time and should make the digital agenda a priority for their companies in 2012. After reading this report, you will have an understanding of the drivers of change, where you stand, and what you should prioritize this year.
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    • Marketplace And Industry Trends For Insurance Companies In 2012
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    • The Five Key Actions For eBusiness And Channel Strategy Execs In 2012

      What eBusiness And Channel Strategy Executives Should Do In 2012
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