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Trends 2012: eBusiness Operations And Customer Acquisition Benchmarks

eBusiness Budgets Rise Again . . . And Will Continue To Grow

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    eBusiness budgets rose again in 2011 and will keep rising in 2012. Why? Competition is heating up. The average eBusiness team is still maturing, and B2B firms increasingly are entering the eBusiness fray. Even companies with mature eBusiness operations have to keep up with evolving digital touchpoints like mobile as well as costly technology projects. In addition, increased investment in digital marketing by all firms is beginning to push online customer acquisition costs higher. This report updates our annual eBusiness spending and customer acquisition benchmarks and discusses how eBusiness professionals can acquire the budget and resources they need to stay competitive with their peers.
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    • eBusiness Executives Must Fight For Bigger Budgets

      Benchmark Based On Your Company's Size, Maturity, And Sales Goals
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