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Turning Your B2B Web Site Into A Community Hub – A Social Computing Report

Social Media Marketing That Is Persistent, Consistent, And Scalable

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    Social media is becoming a major focus in business-to-business (B2B) marketing. However, many marketers are allowing their community marketing approaches to emerge out of piecemeal technology purchases and community participation. To embrace a customer and prospect community in a strategic, persistent, consistent, and scalable manner, Forrester recommends a community hub approach: a social media strategy that focuses on maximizing leverage from the corporate Web site and integrates with public community Web sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for greater reach, impact, and efficiency. Those marketing departments that adopt this approach will attract a wider audience, drive relevancy, and ultimately leverage community value throughout the department.
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    • Turning Your Web Site Into A Community Hub

      Use A Community Hub Approach To Build Better Customer Relationships

      Marketing Has A Unique Opportunity To Raise Its Profile With Community
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