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US IT Market Outlook: Q1 2008 In Detail

The Detailed Analysis Behind Our IT Market Outlook In Q1

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    Our Q1 2008 US IT market outlook predicts 2.9% IT purchases growth in 2008. In this report, we dig more deeply into the outlook for different categories of software, computer equipment, and communications equipment. Software purchases will avoid much of the slowdown, with application servers, IT management software, and enterprise application software exceeding the average growth of 8%. Computer equipment purchases will decline in 2008, led by PCs and servers, but storage equipment will still grow. Communications equipment will also experience a drop in purchases, with cuts in investment by telecommunications and cable companies offsetting slow growth in purchases by enterprises.
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    • 2008 Software Market: Solid Growth But Not In Expected Areas
    • 2008 Computer Market: Purchase Plans Versus Likely Actual Growth
    • 2008 Network Gear Market: Purchase Plans Versus Likely Actual Growth

      Hardware Vendors Should Expect Little Or No Growth In 2008
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