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US Investors Adopt eStatements

But A Majority Of Investors Still Receive Paper Statements

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    The adoption of eStatements for financial products in the US continues to grow. More than half of US online consumers with a brokerage account receive an eStatement. But even among investors who have signed up for electronic statements, a wide majority continue to receive a paper version, as well. The top reason why investors don't adopt eStatements? They feel that they need paper for their records. Many holdouts report a willingness to switch if firms offer a combination of financial incentives and help with record-keeping alternatives.
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    • What's Going On With Consumer Adoption Of eStatements?
    • eStatement Success Won't Come Easily
      • The eStatement Landscape For Investment Products
      • Adopters Move To eStatements For The Environment
      • How To Convince Non-Adopters To Ditch Paper
      • Brokerage Account eStatement Adoption
      • Mutual Fund eStatement Adoption
      • 401(k) eStatement Adoption
      • Trade Confirmation eStatement Adoption
      • Shareholder Communications eStatement Adoption
      • Annuity/Life Insurance eStatement Adoption
      • Tax-Related eStatement Adoption
    • Supplemental Material