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US Tablet Buyers Are Multi-PC Consumers – A Social Computing Report

Product Strategists Must Position PCs And Peripherals Within A Multidevice Lifestyle

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    The success of the Apple iPad has created a halo around tablets in general: Consumers are interested in these devices, even if they're confused about what they actually are. US online consumers who own or intend to buy iPads and other tablets fit a typical early-adopter profile, and their characteristics have implications for product strategists designing tablets to compete with the iPad. They own multiple PCs and connected devices; they're voracious media consumers; and they have an affinity for other Apple products but aren't exclusively "Apple-ites." Product strategists should use these insights both to create would-be iPad competitors and to position other devices and peripherals as complementary to tablets in a multi-PC ecosystem.
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    • The iPad Has Kicked Off Tablet Mania
    • Contrary To Popular Belief, Grandma Isn't Buying The iPad
    • iPad Buyers Aren't Exclusively Apple-Ites

      Pitch Tablets To The Multidevice Consumer
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