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USAA's Auto Circle Makes Carbuying Customized, Aggregated, Relevant, And Social

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    Forrester believes that online experiences of the future will be customized, aggregated, relevant, and social (CARS). We already see examples of companies that are transforming their digital offerings with these attributes. At USAA, a new experience called Auto Circle illustrates what CARS will mean for financial services institutions and their customers. Auto Circle allows users to customize their search for a vehicle and obtain accurate insurance and financing costs. It aggregates both expert and user reviews of vehicles as well as pricing data that includes sales data from dealers so that users can find a fair price. Auto Circle allows members to access this information in the most relevant touchpoint and lets them share and solicit opinions about vehicles from their friends and family via Facebook. Customer experience professionals hoping to learn from USAA's success should use ethnographic research to find opportunities to deliver experiences that meet customer needs, offer clear brand value, and determine the best approach for building and launching a CARS experience at their firm.
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    • USAA's Auto Circle Transforms Carbuying Into A CARS Experience

      Align CARS Experiences With Customer Needs And Brand Objectives
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