UX Design Methods

A Workshop For Customer Experience And Marketing Professionals

Tuesday, May 23, 2017Cambridge, MA

This Workshop has Passed.

Why Attend?

As the boundary between digital and physical continues to blur, UX design is becoming more and more complex. Successful UX design requires a detailed grasp of key disciplines — including user research, scenarios and mapping, co-creation, iterative prototyping, and usability testing — and knowing when and how to apply them. Firms that invest in improving UX design will reap rewards.


During this Workshop, you’ll explore modern, successful digital design methods that incorporate customers' behaviors and inputs. We’ll share techniques to take your teams from idea to execution, without losing touch with customer needs. Through a series of examples and hands-on exercises, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define best practices for user research methodology.
  • Apply modern UX design methods including personas and maps, stories, and scenarios.
  • Use co-creation to involve the customer directly in the development process.
  • Drive great design through iterative prototyping and frequent usability testing.


Join us to gain the insight, tools, and techniques necessary to create powerful and effective digital customer experiences.

Who Should Attend?

This Workshop is designed for customer experience and marketing professionals who want to learn how to implement disciplined digital UX design processes within their own organization.

While the principles and techniques are applicable for B2C and B2B professionals, much of the Workshop will focus on B2C customer experiences.