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Justify Your Hybrid Cloud Future With A Solid Business Case

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    Seldom have tech managers had it so easy in building a compelling value proposition as they do with cloud technologies. If anything, expectations for cloud's impact on costs have expanded beyond reason, with many thinking cloud is always cheaper, faster, and easier. Proponents of cloud use must compare cloud's benefits against realistic cost expectations — both hard and soft costs. Cloud can indeed yield significant cost savings, but ascribing value to speed and agility is critical to the cloud business case. In this report, we describe how to make your business case for cloud. We tell you how to identify which apps in your portfolio are a good fit for the three major cloud deployment options: public cloud platforms, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and managed cloud services. Then we describe the most important elements to include in your business case for each of these cloud options. This is an update of a previously published report, "Understand The True Cost Of Cloud Computing," from 2012; we substantially revised this edition to factor in changes in the cloud market that have altered cloud strategies for I&O professionals.
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    • More Than Ever, Cloud Promises Speed, Flexibility, And Cost Savings
    • Run A Rightsourcing Exercise To Identify The Right Apps For Cloud
    • Build Your Business Case For Using A Public Cloud Platform
    • Build Your Business Case For Migrating Applications To SaaS
    • Build Your Business Case For Using A Cloud Service Provider

      Maximize Value By Tailoring Your Strategy To Your Specific Situation

      Think Twice Before Embracing The 'Low-Cost Supplier' Role In Cloud
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