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Understanding Responsive Design

What eBusiness Teams Need To Know About The Future Of Multitouchpoint Web Design

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    The splinternet has created a headache for eBusiness leaders who must now support optimized commerce experiences across an increasingly complex landscape of web-enabled touchpoints. Maintaining separate code bases and web development teams for desktop, tablet, and mobile experiences is costly, but has been a necessary evil for many. Others have outsourced their mobile commerce development and maintenance to a solution provider or interactive agency, but this approach can be costly and limits control and flexibility. It is no wonder that eBusiness professionals are intrigued by responsive design, a new approach to web development intended to support optimized web experiences from a single front-end code base. This document sets out to explain what responsive design is and isn't, as well as why it will become strategically important to many eBusiness teams.

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    • Responsive Design Is A Philosophy, Not A Technology
    • The Path To A Responsive Site Is Not Without Obstacles

      Recognize That Responsive Design May Not Be Right For You, Yet . . .
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