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Update Your Application Development Sourcing Strategy To Drive Innovation And Differentiation

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    In 2009, the technology industry entered a new cycle of technology innovation and growth, powering a multiyear period of technology investment predicted to last through 2016: the business technology (BT) era. Application development and delivery (AD&D) leaders and their business partners know that software is central to this innovation cycle, driving increased demand — and increased challenges. Many firms are investing to transform the digital products and services they deliver to customers to deepen engagement across multiple touchpoints, requiring app delivery to become more customer-centric and innovative. Yet many firms struggle to reorient their priorities to reflect this age of the customer. While app delivery leaders must make many changes to people, process, and technology to this end, few changes are more critical than revisiting the development sourcing strategy to prioritize speed and innovation over lowering costs.
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    • Software Development Is A Key Engine For Business Innovation Today
    • The Right Software Development Sourcing Strategy Drives More Success
    • Reshape Your Strategic Sourcing Strategy To Succeed With BT App Delivery

      Update Your Software Development Sourcing Strategy To Drive Innovation

      The Most-Innovative Firms Excel At Sophisticated Talent Sourcing
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