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Use Action-Oriented Categories To Guide Application Life-Cycle Investment Decisions

Human Life-Cycle Analogies Provide No Value And Introduce Bias

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    Excessive IT costs have application development and program management professionals searching for ways to reduce wasteful spending within their application portfolios. Many organizations begin the process by describing applications using human terms such as "adolescent" and "elderly," but that is a diversion with no practical benefit. Forrester's four fates, scoring perspectives, and application management continuum provide a more robust management framework.
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    • Failure To Manage Life Cycles Creates Problems
    • Human Life-Cycle Analogies Have Several Flaws
    • Use The Four Fates And Scoring Perspectives To Guide Decisions
    • Put Modernization In A Strategic Context

      Manage Life Cycles With The Four Fates, Scoring, And The Continuum
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