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Use Business Capabilities To Optimize BT Strategy Choices

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    Selecting the right strategies lies at the heart of the business technology (BT) strategic planning framework. By involving business-savvy technology professionals in the discussion of business strategy, it is possible to identify new strategies and quickly kill unfeasible strategies. This research report lays out the process for developing strategy options and illustrates how IT contributes to the evaluation of those options. By involving IT early and getting IT's perspective on strategy choices, it's possible for business leaders to optimize strategy choice toward achieving business goals. This also ensures that IT has a much better understanding of the underlying business needs and issues, making it much easier to deliver the right level of technology to provide the expected business outcomes.
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    • Gather Inputs To The Strategic Planning Process
    • Use Business Capability Maps To Drive Strategy Ideation
    • Provide Guidance On Strategy Viability
    • Develop The BT Strategy Business Case
    • Select The Optimum Strategies
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