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Use Competitive Selling Scenarios To Build Better Battle Cards

Designing And Delivering Competitive Content For Sales Conversations

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    CMI leaders we speak with are as painfully aware that today's battle cards fall short of expectations and don't line up with sales reps' needs as they are unclear about how to bridge the gap. Sales reps similarly struggle as they yearn for compelling battle cards but instead receive competitive mashups that require an inordinate effort to decipher and apply in customer conversations. Battle cards become relevant and effective when CMI teams — or other marketing professionals — use competitive selling (CS) scenarios as the context for delivering point-counterpoint content that is specific, conversational, validated, and usable.
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    • Battle Cards: From Mashups To Fuel For Sales Conversations
    • Competitive Selling Scenarios Define Sales' Needs
    • Building Battle Cards Using Competitive Selling Scenarios

      Think Of Battle Cards As A Business
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