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Use Deduplication To Store More With Less

Dedupe Your Backups Today, But Plan For Other Environments

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    While the cost of disk has declined significantly over the past five years, you still can't call it cheap at thousands of dollars per terabyte (TB). IT professionals struggle to keep up with 30% to 40% annual data growth while simultaneously creating duplicate copies of the data for recovery purposes. When you factor in the disk capacity that you need for backup and disaster recovery (DR), it's likely your storage capacities are doubling every 12 to 18 months. In order to back up as much data as possible to disk and keep it there for as long as possible, companies must look for ways to reduce the acquisition cost of disk. One technology, deduplication, is key to making this happen. In some cases, IT professionals can reduce storage capacity by 95% using deduplication in their backup environment. And it doesn't stop with backup; deduplication is quickly becoming a feature of production storage systems and even a feature of volume managers and file systems. IT professionals must understand how to exploit deduplication in backup and DR today but also understand how to leverage it across their storage environment tomorrow.
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    • Most Of The Data In Your Environment Is Redundant
    • Deduplication Selection Criteria And Considerations
    • Current Vendor Landscape
    • Planning For Deduplication Across Your Environment

      Add Deduplication As A Selection Criteria To Every Storage-Related RFP

      Dedupe And Cloud Services Together Will Help Companies Eliminate Tape
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