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Use Effective EA Deliverables To Guide Change

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    This report defines an approach for creating enterprise architecture (EA) deliverables as part of a high-performance EA practice. It is designed to help you create work products that matter to executives who are responsible for executing change. Firms must change to stay relevant, but making change is difficult in the face of rapidly evolving markets, complex legacy environments, and competing agendas. High-performance EA practices successfully guide their organizations through change with effective EA deliverables; however, the value of an EA program will not be judged by volume of deliverables — nor even by their quality. Rather, high-performance EA practices will demonstrate value by effectively linking their work products to efficient and timely change implementation. This report will help you make that link.
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    • EA Deliverables Guide Business Change Decisions
    • Catalog Deliverables By Scope And Priority
    • Processes Create And Consume EA Deliverables

      Evaluate Deliverable Effectiveness By Impact
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