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Use Sensors To Take Apps To The Next Level Of Customer Engagement

Apps Are Better And Customers Are Happier When Sensor Data Enriches Experiences

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    Most apps are boring. Sensors can help. Sensors are data collectors that measure physical properties of the real-world such as location, pressure, humidity, touch, voice, and much more. You can find sensors just about anywhere these days, most obviously in mobile devices that have accelerometers, GPS, microphones, and more. You can also find them in planes, trains, automobiles, and coffee makers, too. But, most applications barely use them to the fullest extent possible. Data from sensors can be the spice that adds zing to your applications and can help impress customers, make workers more efficient, and boost your career as an application development professional. This report provides a definition and foundational taxonomy of sensors that you can use to identify sensor opportunities for you to design, develop, and deliver more useful and engaging apps for your business partners and customers.
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    • Sensors Can Geometrically Increase The Usefulness Of Apps
    • Choose And Use Sensors Wisely

      Design Sensors Into Your Apps

      Apps Are Blind — Use Sensors To Make Them See
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