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Using Facebook Login To Your Advantage – A Social Computing Report

Demystifying The Hype And Misconceptions Of Social Login For eBusiness

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    Everyone remembers Microsoft's Passport service, positioned to be a ubiquitous sign-on protocol across the Web and at one time adopted by web giants including eBay, Expedia, and Monster. However, the service never caught on with consumers or online privacy advocates and was subsequently rebranded as a solution central to Microsoft's own online services. In 2012, however, eBusiness professionals at leading media companies, travel firms, and retailers are re-opening the history books and allowing their customers to register online using third-party identity profiles from Facebook, Twitter, Google, and, yes, Microsoft. eBusiness professionals are primarily integrating social login to drive an increase in online conversions and retention; however, some eBusiness pros are looking beyond the tactical benefits to long-term strategic opportunities. In this report, we explore the pros, cons, how-to's, and best practices of integrating social login into your online and mobile sites.
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    • Social Login Is Gaining Popularity
    • Many eBusiness Professionals Remain Skeptical

      Embrace Social Login In An Integrated And Responsible Manner
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