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Using International Shipping To Reach Online Shoppers Around The Globe

How US Online Retailers Can Extend Their Offerings To Consumers Abroad

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    Given that online retail growth rates remain higher outside the United States than within, eBusiness executives are increasingly looking to tap into online buyers in other markets. The lowest-cost way to reach these shoppers? International shipping. Instead of spending millions on establishing operations in another country, many retailers test the global waters by shipping their products to consumers abroad. A number of players have emerged to help US online retailers serve a global audience: Savvy eBusiness and channel strategy professionals are sorting through the growing list of vendors to ensure their global fulfillment needs are met while simultaneously preparing their own websites to win over international online shoppers.
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    • Retailers Tap Global Markets Through International Shipping
    • Vendors Manage Core Parts Of Globalization For Online Merchants
    • It Is Not Enough Just To Make International Shipping Available
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