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Using Online Video To Drive Clicks And Conversion – A Social Computing Report

A Guide To Approaching Or Revitalizing A Retail eCommerce Video Campaign

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    Shoppers are beginning to use online video to inform their purchases. Although consumer uptake is slow when compared with the wider acceptance of Internet video, online retailers are turning to video in increasingly sophisticated ways. The most complex strategies engage shoppers at multiple levels, with retailers deploying content aimed at achieving a range of outcomes, generating content from multiple sources, and adopting a number of platforms to deliver and syndicate content to new audiences. Although video can be costly, social sites like YouTube mean that there is a low barrier to entry. Upfront costs can be controlled, and many retailers are seeing significant benefits. Those retailers who can demonstrate the most benefit are tailoring their approach to online video in line with their desired outcomes.
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    • Online Shoppers' Adoption Of Video Is Growing — Slowly
    • Retailers Are Turning To Video In Increasingly Sophisticated Ways
    • Start Small To Prove Your Business Case

      Tailor Your Approach To Video In Line With The Outcomes You Are Aiming For
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