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Wake-Up Call: You Aren't Ready For A Disaster

Spending, Testing, And Maintenance Of DR Plans Are Down, But Confidence Levels Are Up

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    How would you rate your ability to recover your data center in the event of a site failure or a disaster? The vast majority of your peers surveyed in a 2010 joint Forrester Research/Disaster Recovery Journal survey answered that they felt "very prepared" or "prepared." But are they really? The same study found that disaster recovery (DR) spending has declined, testing has remained flat, plan maintenance occurs less frequently, and actual recovery times have increased. While DR clearly remains a priority, many organizations have lulled themselves into a false sense of security. Consider this your wake-up call: The majority of companies are less prepared for an outage today than they were three years ago.
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    • Firms Are Overconfident In Their Recovery Capabilities
    • The Proof Is In The Pudding: Organizations Took Longer To Recover In 2010

      Don't Let Narcissus Set Your DR Strategy
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