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Web3D: The Next Major Internet Wave – A Social Computing Report

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    The Internet is on the cusp of its next major evolution: Web3D. Within five to seven years, Web3D will deliver an interactive, immersive experience much richer than the static, text-oriented or even interactive graphical interfaces of today's Web. In the new world of work that Web3D will enable, people will be represented visually by avatars that can move in space, communicate with others, and interact with objects and information — making the digital world seem more like the real world. Yet Web3D won't leave the old world behind; it will integrate with the Web technologies we use today as well as existing and not yet invented business applications. Workers will use Web3D to teach and learn, innovate collaboratively, communicate and network, interact with and present information, and manage real-world systems.
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    • Web3D: The Next Wave Of The Internet Evolution
    • What's Propelling Web3D Forward?
    • Busting Out Of Today's "Walled Gardens"
    • Interactivity + Immersion = Engagement
    • During The Next Five To Seven Years, Web3D Will Evolve Quickly
    • To Come To Fruition, Web3D Requires Substantial Technology Advancements

      I&KM Pros: Upgrade Technology And Begin To Experiment

      Web3D Is Inevitable — The Only Question Is When

      Standards Don't Emerge, Leaving Us With A Universe Of Walled Gardens
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