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Welcome To The Era Of Agile Commerce

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    Multichannel commerce is being reborn. Traditional ways of describing multichannel commerce no longer work because customers don't interact with companies from a "channel" perspective. Customers now use a rapidly evolving set of devices as a means of engaging across touchpoints, which they don't distinguish from the brand or business. Customers are empowered with more information than ever before. As businesses still struggle to deliver cross-channel experiences, the stream of innovation and market transformation continues to flow unchecked. In response, eBusiness professionals must transform how they market, transact, serve, and organize around changing customer experiences. These changes are not an incremental evolution; they are a metamorphosis. Welcome to the era of agile commerce. eBusiness leaders will optimize their people, processes, and technology to serve today's empowered, ever-connected customers across a rapidly evolving set of customer touchpoints. This report is an update to the report of the same title originally published on March 11, 2011.
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    • Why eBusiness Must Become Agile
    • Enter Agile Commerce: Optimize Customer Journeys, Not Channels
    • The ROI Model Builds On Traditional Multichannel Business Cases

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