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Welcome To The Multidevice, Multiconnection World – A BT Futures Report

Product Loyalty's New Calculus

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    Connectivity is becoming a default feature in a diverse range of consumer products, from portables like tablets and eReaders to TVs and Blu-ray players. As the cost of adding connectivity to devices falls and competition continues to squeeze margins on devices, strategists across many product categories seek to leverage those connections to increase the value they deliver to their customers and, in so doing, create a deeper, more lasting customer relationship. But making the Net a basic element of the product experience changes the calculus for customers. Product strategists need more than a good product with a connection to win customer loyalty — they need to create a digital customer relationship and deliver that in a continuously connected experience across many devices.
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    • Devices And Connections Are Proliferating
    • Customer Loyalty To Products Is Shifting
    • Who Can Win Customer Loyalty In The Future?

      Build Digital Customer Relationships That Transcend Devices
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