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What Business Process Pros Need To Do About Demand Management

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    Demand management (DM) describes an enterprisewide optimization approach for business processes and technology usage. When managed well, DM will help business process executives effectively resolve outstanding challenges such as consolidating disjointed business processes, addressing cross-functional business processes, and increasing the utilization and efficiency of IT capabilities and services. The practical implementation of DM requires the deployment of a dedicated enterprise-level function, which manages the relationships between business processes and IT services with help from six strategic areas: enterprise architecture, portfolio management, finance management, performance management, IT governance, and risk management. Critical to DM's success is the effective collaboration between business process pros and senior IT executives.
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    • DM Is An Enterprise Process For Managing Business-Oriented IT Capabilities
    • DM Is A Differentiator For Mature Process Organizations

      Support DM To Increase Your Organization's Process Maturity
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