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What Semantic Technology Means To Application Development Professionals

Semantic Technology Is Now Ready For Increased But Focused Use

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    Semantic technology has been incubating for the past 10 years, but most application development professionals view it with skepticism or outright distrust, believing that the dream of semantic technology is impractical in a time of stretched budgets and delayed technology road maps. Yet during the past 18 months, major changes have occurred in the application of semantic technology to real business problems. By dropping preconceptions about semantic technology, innovative application development professionals can exploit these advances to build insightful, innovative strategies for information use. Semantic technology can genuinely enhance your organization's ability to find, integrate, and store information. The time has come for application development professionals to build a pragmatic strategy for slowly integrating this new way of thinking into those projects where information provides the greatest value.
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    • Enterprises Face Huge Challenges In Maximizing The Value Of Information
    • Semantic Technology Faces Obstacles In Moving From Fringe To Mainstream
    • Pragmatic Application Of Semantic Technology Is A Key To Unlocking Benefits
    • Build A Semantic Technology Attack Plan


      Semantic Technology Does Not Just Apply To The Web

      Do Not Worry About Semantic Technology; It Will Be Part Of The Fabric
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