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What Type Of Market Research Online Community Vendor Should Tech B2B Market Researchers Use? – A Social Computing Report

Three Choices Exist, Dependent On Budget, Usage Pattern, And Support Needs

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    Market research online communities (MROCS) are the next wave in qualitative research, due to their combination of new qualitative research capabilities and ability to provide cheaper faster results. There is, however, buyer confusion about what type of MROC provider to use. Too many companies see the price for a full-service MROC and stop there. They don't realize that there are all sorts of variations of cost-effective, scalable, self-service MROCs (or full-service market research vendors) providing services on an à la carte basis. Larger firms (often with a B2B component to their business), with the resources to decide whether to outsource or insource market research labor, have multiple options in this space. Over the next few years, the ubiquitous emergence of self-service MROC solutions will drive prices down and make the decision to use them far more straightforward. Until then, understanding your service-level needs, cost constraints, and the volume of your research needs can help you make an effective MROC provider decision today.
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