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Which Verticals Are Most Attractive For ICT Vendors?

Asset Intensity Is The Best Indicator Of Future Opportunity

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    Information and communications technology (ICT) vendors are increasingly focusing their solutions design and go-to-market strategies on vertical industries. This trend will only accelerate with the advent of Smart Computing, which will drive even greater demand for vertically specialized systems. But which industries are the best ones for a vendor strategist to target? Two characteristics define the best target industries: 1) the size of tech spending and 2) asset intensiveness because the economics of asset-intensive industries make them most receptive to Smart Computing solutions. In this report, we conclude that the government, financial services, and transportation industries in the US have the most attractive combinations of asset-intensity and size, making them the most attractive targets for vendors' vertical strategies. Asset intensity is the most important characteristic because the industries that are most dependent on structures, equipment and software, and human capital will be most likely to increase their overall ICT spend to adopt Smart Computing offerings. This data provides a basis for better decision-making and industry targeting by strategists at ICT suppliers.
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    • Classifying US ICT Purchases By Industry
    • Services Industries Have More SMBs, Which Show Faster ICT Spending In 2010
    • Asset-Intensive Industries Will Need Smart Computing Solutions
    • Government, Transportation, And Finance Are The Most Attractive Industries

      An Industry's Propensity For Smart Computing Matters More Than Its Size
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