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Why Every Online Retailer Needs To Think Green

The "Green Consumer" Opportunity And How Retailers Can Seize It

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    Retailers have been dancing around green initiatives for years, but consumer demand has finally put green retail on the main stage. In addition to their obvious positive (or, at least, less damaging) environmental impact, green initiatives present a significant opportunity for retailers to gain market share by attracting and retaining high-value online green customers, to create brand advocates, and to drive innovation. This report helps eBusiness professionals in retail understand the role of digital touchpoints in promoting green initiatives and aims to help them better understand "green consumers" and the ways to meaningfully engage with them. In addition, this report outlines what green initiatives the biggest online retailers are currently undertaking and where they are falling short. Forrester partnered with Green Edge, an environmentally focused consultancy, to create this report.
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    • Consumer Demand Has Put Green Retail On The Main Stage
    • Online And Multichannel Retailers Need To Step Up Their Green Game

      Attract/Retain Valuable Online Consumers With Clear Green Initiatives

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