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Why Every Online Retailer Should "Ship-From-Store"

Revenue, Customer Experience, And Margin Gains Await Retailers That Have The Vision To Seize This Strategic Opportunity

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    Amazon is intensifying the online battle across many fronts, including the construction of new distribution centers designed to get orders to the customer as quickly and cheaply as possible. Retailers are fighting back, using their stores for online order fulfillment in a strategy that has the potential to strip Amazon of its competitive advantage. Beyond the competitive opportunity, retailers that have rolled out ship-from-store programs have also seen significant growth of both online and offline revenues through "save the sale" tactics as well as improved margins through the optimization of their supply chain. This report looks at the end-to-end business case for building out a store-based fulfillment program.
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    • Ship-From-Store Is All The Rage
    • Retailers Seek Inventory Agility To Meet Customer Needs
    • Ship-From-Store Is A Key Weapon In The Fight Against Amazon
    • The Business Case Goes Much Deeper Than Customer Experience
    • Beware Of Common Pitfalls

      Build A Business Case That Looks At The Broad Opportunity
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