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Why Facebook Is Failing Marketers

The Leading Social Network Has Abandoned Social Marketing

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    For years, Facebook has teased marketers with its potential to redefine their industry. And considering Facebook's enormous audience, its ever-growing cache of affinity data, and its potential to offer genuine interactions between companies and their customers, marketers can't help but believe in its promise. But Facebook hasn't revolutionized marketing; in fact, it now does little to support social experiences between brands and customers. Instead, it has quietly become almost entirely reliant upon Web 1.0-style display ads and simplistic targeting — and marketers say those display ads just aren't working. This report examines how Facebook's change in focus has failed marketers.
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    • Facebook Has The Potential To Redefine Marketing
    • The Result: Facebook Is Failing Marketers

      Don't Take Facebook Back Until It Mends Its Ways

      When Facebook Fails, Other Social Sites Will Prosper
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