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Why Product Strategists At The Lego Group Treat Co-Creators Like Royalty – A Social Computing Report

Lessons In Product Innovation From A Leader In Co-Creation

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    Ask someone to name a company that embraces co-creation, and, sooner or later, you will hear "Lego." The Lego Group has been pursuing customer-led innovation for more than a decade, and it hasn't always been a clear or smooth ride. Product strategists at Lego had to overcome a number of challenges to learn how to harness the power of co-creation. Now, Lego product strategists have advanced to the point where they are consolidating new product idea development from external parties on a digital platform that validates the best ideas, reduces risk for product launch, and incentivizes the community with what could be a substantial financial reward: a 1% revenue royalty.
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    • Lego's Product Strategists Harness Communities For Product Development
    • Product Strategists Identify Business Opportunities Via A New Idea Platform

      Don't Let Challenges Derail Customer-Led Innovation Initiatives
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