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Why Smartphones Will Become One Of Travel's Two Most Important Touchpoints

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    Mobile is an ideal channel for travelers. Within this touchpoint, smartphones excel. Though just 22% of all US online adults have a smartphone, 35% of US online leisure travelers and 55% of business travelers have one of these devices. The smartphone-equipped traveler is your future, and he's traveling with you today. Ingredient technologies within smartphones, like GPS, cameras, and sensors, and the apps they empower, will change how travelers and brands interact and engage with each other. Forrester also believes that smartphones will spur the development of new distance-based yield management models. How can travel eBusiness pros use smartphones to win with their travelers? Build strategies and tactics formed on the "three I's": individualism, immediacy, and inspiration.
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    • Travelers' Massive Smartphone Adoption Must Drive Travel's Mobile Focus
    • Anticipate An Ongoing Evolution In How Travelers Access And Use Mobile

      Focus Smartphone Strategies On Individualism, Immediacy, And Inspiration

      Smartphones Spur Simpler Travel Planning And Booking Processes
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