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Why The Digital Wallet Wars Matter

Smart, Convenient Commerce Experiences Will Win

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    Digital wallets will transform the payments ecosystem. They are the subject of much discussion in 2012, as product strategists from startups, mobile operators, financial juggernauts, and giant retailers race to test the waters. The digital wallet marketplace is still nascent but will quickly gain momentum with early adopters. Players across the ecosystem are preparing to make their entrance into what will be a fierce competition for influence during the consumer commerce experience. This report discusses the US digital wallet marketplace, including consumer and merchant readiness, emerging digital wallet models, and the smart commerce experience, as the critical differentiator for consumer product strategy professionals to focus on.
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    • A Digital Wallet Marketplace Is Forming
    • Multiple Alternative Payment Solutions Gain Momentum In 2012
    • The Profile And Preferences Of Early Adopters
    • This Is A Battle For Control And Influence Over The Purchase Journey
    • Winning Wallets Will Ensure A Compelling Early-Adopter Experience

      Adopt A Startup Mindset — Get In The Game, Learn Fast, And Refine
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