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Windows: The Next Five Years – A BT Futures Report

As Mobile Device Sales Surpass PCs, CIOs Will Need To Corral A Troika Of OS Leaders

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    The launch of Windows 8 is a major pivot point for Microsoft — and for IT leaders and the individuals they support. The new Windows 8 user experience (UX) and programming model will transform the Windows experience for end users and for IT organizations, as Microsoft redesigns its technology and business strategy to address the rise of mobile touch devices. Microsoft's market share of networked personal devices has shrunk dramatically as the market has been reframed from its 95% dominance of the PC-only market to today's approximately one-third OS share of all personal device sales, PC and mobile combined. This report outlines what Microsoft is doing to address this shift, what its near-term challenges are, and what its prospects are for increasing share. We wrap up by predicting how Microsoft will continue to adjust its Windows strategy and how that will reshape its hardware ecosystem partners.
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    • Two Big Transformations Of Personal Computing Are Under Way
    • In Response, Microsoft Is Boldly Transforming The Windows Ecosystem
    • After A Slow Launch Year, Windows 8 Will Take Hold In 2014
    • In A Heterogeneous Device Market, Success Metrics Shift To Services

      Windows 8 Is Simply The First Step Of An Ongoing Transformation
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